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We provide end-to-end sector specific drone solutions that help enterprises and governments adopt a sustainable approach to managing and evolving their operations. Our solution encompasses superior survey grade drones, trained operators, easy-to-use ground control and flight planning software, and an intelligent, modular, cloud platform for data processing and analysis.

Our tried-and-tested process can be broadly segmented into 3 steps:

1. Plan your drone survey with ease

Get started with planning your drone survey on Skylink, our intuitive web and windows application. You can either import KML files or just mark the area of interest on the satellite map provided as background. Follow the below steps:

  • Mark the area of interest
  • Select the data resolution required
  • Tap on “Start Mission”

We guarantee zero human errors and a no-headache data collection exercise, every time. Skylink takes care of all the necessary pre-flight checks automatically. The flights is enabled only after all safety and reliability standards are met. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about battery status, high winds etc. Our drones have the intelligence to sense its status and return to the ‘home’ location when faced with adverse conditions.

2. Processing the data

We have complete control of all the captured data. Data can be exported to the customer’s server, to be processed in-house by any off-the-shelf software. Or processing can be done by our could platform. In any case, the processing of the captured data is crucial to creating the foundation for deeper insights and business intelligence.

With regards to Survey/Mapping, using photogrammetry software, users can generate outputs such as:

  • 3D colorized point cloud – .las (LiDAR format)
  • Orthomosaic – .tiff (GeoTIFF format)
  • DSM – .tiff (GeoTIFF format)

3. Insights and Analytics powered by the Cloud

Our intelligent and modular cloud platform makes it possible to generate deep business intelligence that impacts top and bottom lines, compliance, safety, environmental factors and more. Additionally, users can directly use photogrammetry outputs in AutoCAD, Surpac, ArcGIS, Global Mapper, MXRoad etc., to create specific designs or extract relevant information from the processed data. For example:

  • Base maps/Planimetry maps can be created using AutoCAD/ArcGIS
  • Mine planning and Volume estimations can be done using Surpac
  • Road design can be done using MXRoad
  • Data editing can be done using Global mapper etc.

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