Volume estimation



Single point survey



Faster work completion – results in single day


Visualization for easy mine planning & monitoring

Use Cases

Stockpile volume estimation

  • Very quick stock surveys.
  • Stockpile surfaces are digitized with millions of data points.
  • Combined with PPK technology, generate most accurate volume measurements.

Traditional survey techniques like total stations fail to capture small crests and troughs of stockpiles, thus offsetting the final volume estimated by about 10-30%.

Mine planning

  • Plan efficient and safer mine operations.
  • Quickly chalk out haul roads, pit, and mine reclamation plans.
  • Meet planning compliances with ease.

Site survey

  • Perform regular site surveys in a matter of hours.
  • Regular surveys enable 3D visualization, helps easy tracking of changes over a period.
  • Use the data with any user preferred planning software.

Environment Analysis

  • Vegetation cover measurements; Tree count.
  • Compliance assessment.

Blast Planning

  • Digitized 3D models enable geologists to plan blast design efficiently.
  • Optimize earthwork operations.

Water flow planning

  • 3D outputs enable efficient planning of watershed, flood flow, and drainages.
  • Identify bench failures due to water flow etc.

Asset mapping

Identify and map all the mining assets like trucks, earthwork heavy machinery, tools, pillars, electrical equipments and their precise geo-locations and plan to deploy in more optimized manner.

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